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Recital Audience Etiquette:

The Magic of a Live Performance: When you attend live performances, please keep in mind that the performers can hear and see you. Your actions and reactions, positive, negative, or disruptive, can impact the performers’ success. All of the dancers have invested time and hard work into their performances, so please show them the respect and courtesy they deserve.

Please plan on staying for the entire show. Our students have worked very hard, and they will greatly appreciate your applause and enthusiasm for the parts of the show that you enjoy. For a performer, standing on stage and experiencing a full audience builds their self-esteem and self-confidence, while developing poise and learning to overcome anxieties. Staying only for your child’s performance leaves the audience empty for the other performers. Please give every performer the opportunity to perform in front of a full audience. It is a truly invigorating experience! If you absolutely must leave the auditorium during the performance, please wait for the applause and then move as quickly and as quietly as possible.

The show will begin promptly at the scheduled time (December Show @ 3:00pm, June Shows at 12:00 & 6:00pm). Performers should arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to show time. Plan your travel so that all of your guests are seated 10-15 minutes prior to the performance starting. Late arrivals are incredibly disruptive. Rushing in just before the recital will not be conducive to a relaxed, comfortable performance. Plan extra time. Once you arrive, please do not enter/exit the theatre unless it is a true emergency. There will be an intermission that will permit an opportunity to stand-up, use the restroom, etc.

Noises: Please refrain from talking, yelling, or using noisemakers during the performances. This is very distracting to our dancers. If you need to unwrap or retrieve anything from your bag, please do this prior to the show starting or during intermission. Any type of noise during the performance can be incredibly distracting to your neighbors.

Photography/videography: Please remember that photography and videography are not allowed during the recital performances. Be sure ALL mobile/cell phones, pagers, beepers, digital watches, and the like are OFF. It is distracting to both the performers and guests.

Give enthusiastic and encouraging applause to ALL of the students! Clapping, cheering are more than welcome, but please refrain from yelling out performers names as it is startling to the performers and can throw them off their game. They have worked very hard and have courageously stood in front of an audience of over 1,000 people, the sound of a roaring applause is incredibly encouraging!

And, most importantly, remember to enjoy the show! Our dancers have worked very hard, and they will greatly appreciate your applause and enthusiasm for the parts of the show that you enjoy.


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