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Join Us For Adult Classes!_________________________    


Adult Winter Session I

January 2 - February 13

Miss a class because of that late work meeting?

Make up any missed classes in any other class within the session!


Drop-In $15
1 Class/week $60
2 Classes/week $96
3 Classes/week $1



5:30 PM Barre Fitness (1/6 class will be dance fit)

7:00 PM Kettlebell Fitness

7:30 PM Adult Tap

8:30 PM Adult Contemporary



7:15 PM Adult Aerial (75 minute class $20 Drop-in)

7:30 PM Adult Ballet



7:30 PM Adult Hip Hop

7:30 PM Kettlebell Fitness



7:30 PM DanceFit


Class Descriptions
All of our classes are designed to be do-able for everyone. Our facility is TOP NOTCH with the floors designed to absorb impact to be easy on your joints.  Dance Fusion's instructors are all certified and/or hold at least a Bachelor's Degree and they're experienced in working simultaneously with experienced and non experienced adults in class.  There's no need to be nervous about joining in! Our classes are meant to be fun and invigorating! We encourage you to come to as many consecutive classes as you can so that you see the benefits that dance and fitness will produce for your mind and body. 

If you are interested in joining any of these classes, please fill  out a registration form  online or at the studio before your first class (even if you are just trying it out). Write the classes you would like to participate in on the top of the form.  Full payment must be made at the time of registration.  Once payment is received, your space will be reserved.    Refunds may be given prior to the first class meeting. No refunds or credits will be given after the first class meeting for missed classes for any reasons except for emergencies, severe illness, or injury. If a class is cancelled for any reason, a suitable replacement class will be provided.  Make checks payable to: Dance Fusion. Please mark your checks or envelopes with class selections and class times and mail them to us, or place in the tuition box located in the reception area at the studio. There is a $30 service charge for any returned checks.
  Credit Card payments are accepted through in person at the studio or via PayPal on our website.  Click here to make a payment.

Ballet  The foundation for all dance styles, incorporating strength, coordination, and grace. Classes consist of Barre & Centre work for the more serious and older student with preparation for choreographic variations and Pointe work.

Hip Hop
  This beginner level class is a street dance style teaching moves often seen on the streets of NYC or on MTV.  Danced to pop, funk or hip hop music and often remixed to prolong the breaks, breaking is a well-known hip hop dance style. Breaking involves Toprock (movement while standing up), Downrock (movement on the ground), Freezes (acrobatic pauses in movement) and Power Moves (sounds like a video game, huh?)  Try it out!  You're not going to "break" yourself!  Wear comfortable clothes and clean sneakers.

   Do you dream of dancing like Cyd Charisse, Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly?  Or maybe it's Shirley Temple??? Either way, you CAN learn- at ANY AGE!  Our Adult Tap class is offered in a stress free environment!  It's so much fun!  Tap is a rhythmic, energetic dance style.  This class will have you shuffle ball changing around the house in no time!  You might just grow curly red hair and take 30 years off of your life!  ..and don't worry, this class is just for FUN!  We won't make you go on stage and perform, unless you REALLY want to!

Contemporary Dance & Stretch
  An introduction to the contemporary form of dance which emphasizes a combination of Ballet- the foundation for all dance styles, incorporating strength, coordination, and grace, and Jazz- a dynamic style of dance emphasizing movement combinations, strengthening and stretching, performed to express the lyrics of the song.  Our goal is to teach the basics of dance technique allowing dancers to learn varied styles and choreography in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dance Fit  Packed with Pop Dance Music, this class starts with a high energy, easy to follow “dancers” warm up.  We swiftly move into the basics of hip hop and jazz dance steps combined with resistance work that is designed to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.  But really, you’re not thinking about that because you’re having an absolute blast in listening to great music and dancing to the beat that gets your heart-racing, muscle-pumping, body-energizing, and YOU having fun!  The music doesn’t stop until the hour is up!  You should really try it... don’t be shy!  Anyone can follow along with this class!

Core Ball Yoga
  CoreFit Fusion is a very safe workout rooted in Yoga and Pilates that suitable for all ages. This workout is ideal for sufferers of knee & back pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis and is beneficial for both men & women. As an exercise modality it is excellent for developing general tone, fitness & strength bulding while also encouraging a connection within yourself to soothe the nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation and instil inner calm and overall wellbeing.  Students should bring a Yoga Mat and towel.

Barre Fitness
   Barre Focus Fitness combines the most effective exercises into one 60 minute power packed workout. Sculpt your arms, flatten your abs, lift your seat and firm your legs with these isometric, non-impact, dynamic exercises which target and overload each muscle group. Stretching immediately follows each exercise allowing you to shape your muscles and get a long, lean look while improving posture and balance all in an environment where you feel completely welcome, relaxed and among friends.

Kettlebell Fitness  This class offers personal training in a group class setting!  It is a 1 hour workout using your own body weight as resistance along with kettlebells, dumbbells and jump ropes taught interval style.  ANYONE can do this class as the weights (provided) come as light as 2 lbs. or as heavy as 35 lbs.  (If you think you'll need more weight you are welcome to bring it with you.) The workouts are adjusted to the individual fitness level of the participants in each class.  All moves can be completed in a small area with provided equipment and require limited coordination. Classes will consist of a warm up, a kettlebell workout, interal training and a cool down stretch.  This is a great workout for both men and women! It's so much easier to work with a live instructor and you won't need to invest in any expensive exercise equipment!   This class isn't designed to help you bulk up. On the contrary, it is designed to slim down tone and firm your muscles.  Taught by Patrick Pagella, class size are limited based on equipment. 

Stay Tuned to our website for additions to this schedule!

*** These classes do not perform on stage in any of our shows. If you are interested in performing, we can arrange private lessons for work on a performance piece. ***

Questions or concerns?  Please don't hesitate to call or email!

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